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A.W.A.Y  – What about when I am traveling?
Y members are Always Welcome At YMCAs. Members of the Cheyenne Family YMCA have the unique privilege of being accepted at other YMCAs around the world.

Access to other YMCAs is regulated by each facility and will vary from city to city, so you’ll want to check first.  Give us a call before you travel and we’ll help you locate a Y participating in the AWAY program near your destination.

Our YMCA  honors members from other cities and other YMCAs. YMCA members can use the Cheyenne Y up to 14 times a year without paying any guest fees.  After 14 visits those members of other Ys pay only $5 per adult and/or $2 per child.

For more information on our AWAY policy call our Membership Staff at 307 634 9622.