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Kit Richards Art 2016 - 1 ed


The Cheyenne Family YMCA is honored to display the work of local artist Kit Richards during the months of April and May. The community is welcome to come by the YMCA during operating hours. A reception will be held the evening of Friday, May 20th from 5 – 6. This is Kit’s first showing, numerous pieces of her art were sold within the first week, evidence of her uniquely moving style that draws not only appreciation for it’s artistry – but even more so emits a plethora of feelings.  It could easily be said that her work has created the most “buzz” and conversation.

Kit began creating her pieces two years ago, with no intention of showing or selling them.  However before she passed away from a lengthy illness, Kit’s twin sister, Maureen, made Kit promise to share it.  And so it is that in the anniversary month of her sister’s passing, Kit is presenting her first show.

“Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant.  He said, ‘Do you ever  know what the birds are singing? You don’t, but you listen to them anyway.’ So, sometimes with art, it is important to just look.”  - – Marina Abramovic

As an artist, Kit Richards is an experimental colorist, an abstract expressionist, a user of fabric for the sake of adding genuine texture to her work, a user of color and fabric to express or convey emotions (which can be personal and/or universal), and a “re-purpose-er” of various materials (glass, plastic, yarn, jute, thread, foliage, etc.) on canvas in unexpected ways and with various color mediums. Perhaps, though, her work is beyond definition.

For more information contact Chris at cshay@cheyenneymca.org
or (307) 634-9622.www.cheyenneymca.org.