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Before and After School

2013-6 JUNE 12 Snack in the park  revised (40)

Member Rate: 
$200 per month

Non-Member Rate:  $275 per month

Grades K – 6
Includes all holidays, school breaks, early release days
and school planning days

Our Before and After School and Summer Day Camp Program are ready to introduce your children to as many new experiences as possible and help each child feel confident and secure in a fun and safe camp environment.  We are committed to molding young lives and creating friendships and memories to last a long time.

It is our desire that staff and parents become partners to better serve
your children.  In turn, we ask that you, as a parent, help us. Let us
know of any concerns, ideas or thoughts that you may have regarding
our Before and After School Program or Summer Day Camp.

The YMCA is a place for families and we want to do everything
possible to strengthen and support your family.

For  years the YMCA has served the people of Cheyenne
and addressed some of the community’s most pressing needs. 
Though needs have changed over time, the YMCA continues to
provide innovative responses while staying true to its mission and goals.

Today, a new set of issues is calling our YMCA to act.  Many youth are
not receiving the support they need to develop character and values that can guide them throughout their life.  Families are finding it more difficult
to balance their family, civic and work life.  Our community’s lifestyle health choices are contributing to increased rates of disease and reduced quality of life. 

In order to address these issues we are committed to

  • strengthening youth, providing them the support and experiences they need to become healthy, caring and competent adults.  We will demonstrate our hope in youth by
  • strengthening families, offering programs and services specifically designed to engage and support families and
  • strengthening community health, providing programs and solutions that will help people live healthier lifestyles physically, mentally and spiritually.