The Learning Center Preschool Program has full-time and part-time CURRICULUM BASED LEARNING options. The program serves children ages 12 months to 5 years and runs Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Children must reach minimum age for a class by September 15. Ages may be adjusted by teachers or directors due to space available and the progress of a child’s development and needs. All classes use the nationally recognized High Scope Curriculum to guide lesson planning and project development. Children in the preschool classrooms participate in swimming, walks to the park, field trips and other exciting activities in addition to classroom projects and activities that stimulate curiosity, exploration and persistence. We build curious, persistent explorers at the Y! 

Registration forms can be picked up at the Child Care office.


The following rates will be effective of September 1, 2020

12-23 Month Olds – Zippy Zebras

  • Full Time   $610 Members / $700 Participants

  • Part Time* $425 Members / $485 Participants


2-3 Year Olds – Tiny Tigers

  • Full Time   $520 Members / $610 Participants

  • Part Time* $335 Members / $390 Participants


3-4 Year Olds – Mini Monkeys

  • Full Time   $495 Members / $585 Participants

  • Part Time* $310 Members / $360 Participants


4-5 Year Olds – Shining Stars

  • Full Time   $480 Members / $570 Participants

  • Part Time* $295 Members / $345 Participants

*Part Time is an average of 20 hours or less and is coordinated with the Learning Center Director