The focus of YMCA Youth Sports is:

To provide kids with a basis for a lifetime of fitness activity
To provide kids with a fun outlet for their energy
To help kids learn to play well with others

We define success as:

Kids learning age appropriate sports skills
Kids learning fun ways to stay active
Kids learning good sportsmanship
Kids having fun
Kids learning to demonstrate caring, respect, responsibility and honesty with coaches, officials, parents, spectators and other kids

Our recipe for success:

Parents and volunteer coaches who demonstrate caring, respect, responsibility and honesty with all of the players, coaches, officials and spectators

Parents who are attentive to their children, involved in their games and helpful to the coaches when asked

Volunteer coaches who understand and care about the development of each child

Volunteer coaches who have the time* to manage a team and possess the skills to communicate effectively with children and parents

 *Most sports run about 7 weeks and require 1-3 hours per week per team.

Programs are for all children, ages 3 through 12 years.  Sports programs run throughout the year.  Registrations are held in advance and end one month prior to the beginning of each sport.  After registration has closed there is a $15 late fee and children are placed as space is available.

YMCA youth sports places a priority on:

-   family involvement
-   healthy competition rather than rivalry
-   the value of participation over winning
-   team-building as well as individual development
-   a positive self-image
-   a sense of fair play
-   mutual respect for others

Parents are encouraged to be more than mere spectators by contributing their time as volunteer coaches – as well as being their child’s greatest fan.

For more information call:
Chandra Watson
Program Director
307-634-9622 ext 20